Structural reinforcement and containment
solution for mining and construction.

What is Flexi-Liner?

Flexi-Liner is a single component, sprayable wet-mix product that maintains structural integrity under tensile and flexural loads.

In Mining

As a stand-alone solution, Flexi-Liner forms a flexible membrane that eliminates the effects of spalling, scaling and weathering on strata.

As part of a system solution with other Aquacrete products, Flexi-Liner provides a supporting barrier that addresses high levels of convergence, floor heave and strata movement.

High Tensile Strength

Stretches up to 60% of original length while retaining structural integrity.

Excellent adhesion properties

Bonds to most surfaces : rock, metal, brick or coal

Mining Applications

  • Stabilisation of loose rock and strata
  • Primary or secondary phase gas and air sealing – minimises gas migration
  • Water containment
  • Tensile reinforcement of underground structures with complex profiles and geology
  • Preliminary slope protection
  • Tunnel and shaft lining
  • Protection against weathering
  • Crack propagation control
  • Assists in controlling VCD deformation during floor heave or roof convergence
  • Pillar and rib support
  • VCD repairs

In Construction

  • Flexi-Liner can be sprayed directly to most surfaces to provide a flexible, protective membrane
  • It has high thermal insulation properties and can be applied as an insulation and fire-resistance barrier
  • Flexi-Liner is water-resistant and is highly effective in preventing water migration as well as a lining material to contain water


Effective in water containment and complies with safe drinking water standards

Anti-static and fire resistant

Offers high levels of heat insulation and thermal containment

Construction Applications

  • Water tank lining and hydrostatic control
  • Corrosion protection
  • Fireproofing
  • Thermal and audio insulation
  • Construction joint repairs
  • Pipe and cable coating
  • Tunnel and shaft lining
  • Waterproof application to all floor, wall, roof and ceiling surface


  • Easy to apply. Can be applied by hand or using a standard pneumatic or electric pump
  • Rapid application. Tack-free within 45 minutes
  • Bonds to most surfaces