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Forward Integration

Forward integration is our way of consistently providing high performance products, delivered to site when and where it is needed.

From our company-owned mineral processing site, through to the manufacturing, quality control and delivery of our products, Aquacrete Australia controls each step of the process.

For our clients that translates into assurance. Assurance that we are in total control of the raw materials in each bag of product, that we can supply even at short notice and our products will never be lost at sea, that our products conform to our stringent company-wide quality control standards.

But, most importantly in an industry where costs are all important, our pricing is not affected by import costs, exchange rate variations or product availability. We can assure our customers of our high performing products at a cost that is predictable and a delivery that is reliable and fast.

Our Process

AquaCrete Process Infographic

Safer, Faster, Stronger

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