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Aquacrete Australia is justifiably proud of its reputation as a responsible corporate citizen. We believe that a strong, vibrant and sustainable business is reliant on our industry and community involvement as well as our care for the environment.

Environmental Responsibility

Aquacrete believes that business success and environmental responsibility are linked. From the initial product development stage through to distribution, Aquacrete strives to remain true to our commitment to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment.
We are proactive in our environmental management and are passionate about developing environmentally sustainable solutions.

To ensure sustainability of our mineral resources, Aquacrete has a well-developed mining system that ensures minimal impact to the natural environment. At a production level, the company focuses on improving energy efficiencies and optimising our manufacturing processes. The company regularly reviews new energy supply options to identify potential for advancement in our systems.

The technology and innovation team at Aquacrete employs the same principles to the product development. The company strives to engineer products with low toxicity levels and in turn minimises any environmental impact in the manufacturing process, product installation and waste management cycles.

As a result of this consolidated commitment, Aquacrete consistently minimizes our impact on the environment.

Quality Management

Consistently delivering products of the highest standard requires an investment in time, training, systems, processes and people.

To ensure that Aquacrete products meet the company’s stringent quality and engineering specifications, Aquacrete operates an integrated batch control system. During production, batches are sampled on an hourly basis and stored at an on-site laboratory. A comprehensive batch numbering system is linked to the sampling system and provides a tracking and production reference.

The final stage of Aquacrete’s quality management system involves laboratory testing to ensure our products comply with industry performance standards as well as the standards that Aquacrete has set for our products.

All of the quality checks, lab testing and product evaluations are performed to ensure our products meet the needs of our clients.

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