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We're committed to developing new technologies, we pride ourselves on our technical expertise and we supply products that achieve the highest level of engineering integrity in the most adverse environments.  

Innovation is at the core of Aquacrete Australia’s vision. Our goal is to develop high-performing and innovative products and technologies that improve efficiencies and operational safety in the mining industry. We work in close collaboration with our customers and industry organisations to provide tailored engineering systems, we invest significantly in product innovation and we develop engineering tools that assist in the design, manufacture and monitoring of structural devices. Our focus on product innovation is backed by the knowledge and experience of Aquacrete’s research and engineering team. In addition to live explosion testing of our products, we regularly undertake trials in operational mines and provide custom- engineered applications that address the short and long-term needs of mines.


Aquacrete Systems

Innovations in shotblast technology have transformed the underground mining industry. In particular, understanding the performance of non-cementitious products has been a catalyst for engineering advancement.

For Aquacrete, that innovation has seen the introduction of a system of solutions that addresses the most varied and adverse site challenges.

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Aquacrete Thickness Gauge

Aquacrete’s in-situ testing technology – known as the Aquacrete Thickness Gauge – allows underground operators to non-destructively verify the thickness, and where necessary the overpressure rating compliance of structural devices.

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Structural Design Systems

Aquacrete’s structural design system is used to determine the design and installation specifications of Aquacrete structural devices.

The system predicts the performance of a structural device based on the dimensions and geotechnical conditions of the specific mine site. This in turn is used to provide engineering specifications regarding product selection, product thickness and required strength for each installation site. If an installation conforms to the specifications, independent engineering certification can be obtained to confirm compliance.

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