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Technical Services

Technical Support and Training

In line with our customer partnership approach, Aquacrete provides product training and skills development in the design and installation of Aquacrete structural devices. This ensures that our products are designed to specification and achieve the strength and performance ratings required for each individual site. Our product training program includes: - Tools to determine structural strength and thickness requirements - Product selection critieria - On-side product demonstrations - Equipment set-up procedures - Equipment maintenance - Product handling and maintenance


Engineering Certification

We invest significantly in mining innovation, work closely with mines to provide tailored engineering solutions and have developed industry-leading engineering models that enable our systems to be designed to site-specific requirements. Our technical team is able to provide detailed recommendations regarding product selection, installation specifications and required strength to achieve industry compliance. Engineering Certification Aquacrete has a proprietary engineering model that is able to determine the design of structural devices to comply with relevant regulations, site conditions and industry standards. With date obtained from live underground testing of Aquacrete structural devices, explosion dynamics and structural responses of full-size installations were analysed to establish precise structural device specifications. The resultant model enables mine sites to obtain engineering specifications regarding product selection, required thickness and strength properties for each individual site. If an installation conforms to the specifications, a number of approved independent structural engineers are able to provide engineering certification.

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