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Aquacrete is an industry leader in the provision of reliable, safety-oriented solutions for structural containment and ventilation control in underground mines. 

Single application solutions that save time

Because we understand the complexity of underground mining environments, our solutions are designed for easy and safe application. Our products can be shotblasted to any desired thickness in a single application, and because of their rapid cure time, they achieve a specified rating in as little as 24 hours.

With a spectrum of products each designed to address different reinforcement and containment conditions, Aquacrete Systems provide a total solution - all with the same benefits that have established us as an innovation leader in the industry.

Mine-to-Site solutions

Being the only manufacturer in Australia that mines and processes its own raw material and manufactures on site, we provide our customers with the assurance that our products are manufactured to the highest industry specification.

Combined with our proprietary engineering design and certification process, we also have the advantage of a fully equipped in-house laboratory that specialises in structural system testing. In addition to our rigorous quality control systems, Aquacrete products constantly undergo testing at independent laboratories to monitor their structural performance. This ensures that our products comply with the most stringent industry standards.


Safer, Faster, Stronger

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