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Aquacrete Wet-Repel™ is a water-resistant, high strength product that is effective in water containment, strata consolidation, backfill containment and ventilation control. Along with other important properties, such as it’s high early strength and long term structural integrity, Aquacrete Wet-Repel™ typically absorbs less than 18% water whilst achieving a compressive strength of up to 25MPa. Aquacrete Wet-Repel™ is used in underground coal and metal mines for a range of applications that include:
  • Water-retaining bulkheads
  • Dam walls
  • Explosion-rated ventilation seals
  • Backfill barricades
Wet-Repel™ PDS


Aquacrete OPR2 is a rapid-setting product that provides explosion-rated ventilation control, geology consolidation and sealing in underground mines. Developed almost 20 years ago, OPR2 pioneered the use of non-concrete materials in shotblast technology. In 1998, it became the first product in its category to undergo explosion-testing in a live underground mine. The results formed the basis of an engineering system that allowed mines to effectively predict the performance of a structural device exposed to a range of geotechnical and ventilation conditions. OPR2 is used in more than 80% of underground coal mines and a growing number of metal mines. It remains a product of choice for many of the world’s leading mining companies.

OPR2 is a versatile product that is trusted for a wide range of applications,including:

  • Rated ventilation seals and stop pings
  • Strata stabilisation
  • Roadway containment
  • Support structures

Mine Mesh

Aquacrete Mine Mesh is manufactured from 4mm wire and is hot dip galvanized. Made up of 160mm squares, mine mesh sheets provide the ideal backing surface for the application of Aquacrete shotblast solutions. Sized to suit a range of roadway dimensions, Mine Mesh is also suitable for a range of rib support and strata control applications.

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Hessian Shapable Mine Bricks

Hessian Shapeable Mine Bricks provide a time-efficient and cost-effective solution for vent wall and regulator construction. With Hessian Shapeable Mine Bricks, there is minimal site preparation and the mine bricks have excellent strength properties. Aside from applications in underground mines, Hessian Shapeable Mine Bricks are widely used in civil applications such as culverts, roadway stabilization and mine entry support.

Hessian PDS

Flexible Sail Stoppings

Flexible Sail Stoppings provide a flexible fire-resistant, anti-static barrier for a range of undergound conditions. Designed for ventilation control in adverse conditions, Flexible Sail Stoppings can withstand pressures of up to 2Psi and provide a gas and air barrier in conditions where strata movement is a concern. Flexible Sail Stoppings can be oversprayed with both OPR2 and Wet-Repel™ to provide a high-strength solution to a range of ventilation challenges.

Pumps and Accessories

Aquacrete’s commitment to providing the best solutions in ventilation and strata control goes way beyond our safer, faster and stronger products. To ensure our products are installed to the highest standards, Aquacrete continuously tests and develops spraying technology that combines powerful material placement with the need for a compact, mobile machine. Aquacrete approved accessories are available for direct-to-site distribution.

Our recommended equipment and accessories include:

  • Shotblast machines
  • Hoses
  • Nozzles

Safer, Faster, Stronger

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